Welcome To JCI Nepalgunj (नेपालगंज जेसीज) - JCI Nepalgunj, Nepal

Welcome to JCI Nepalgunj (नेपालगन्ज जेसीज)

The year was 1977A.D. The  youths of Nepalgunj initiated to do social welfare for the benefit of the society. At that time, the local administration was also not paying interest in such issues. The youths were of the same age, one day they were discussing about social service, they came to know about JCI creed from a person associated with JCI Pokhara. The youth were inspired by the creed which said.......read more..

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About JCI

Junior Chamber International, commonly referred to as JCI, is a non-profit international non-governmental organization[1] fraternal organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It has members in about 124 countries, and regional or national organizations in most of them.The first local Junior Chamber chapter was founded in 1915, but the international umbrella organization Junior Chamber International (JCI) was founded in Mexico in 1944. It has consultative status with the Council.......read more..

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JCI Creed / जेसीआई आस्था

हामीलाई बिश्वास छ,
कि इश्वरमा आस्था मनुष्य जीवनलाई
सार्थकता एवम् उद्धे्श्य प्रदान गर्दछ
कि मनुष्यको बन्धुत्व भावना
राष्ट्रहरुको प्रभुसत्तादेखि र्सवपरि छ,
कि आर्थिक न्यायको र्सवत्तम उपलब्धि
स्वतन्त्र मनुष्यको व्यवसायिक स्वतन्त्रताद्वारा हुनसक्दछ,
कि शासन व्यक्तिको होइन, बिधिको हुनु पर्दछ,
कि बसुधाको महान निधि मानव व्यक्तित्वमा निहित छ |

National Anthem
सयौँ थुङ्गा फूलका हामी, एउटै माला नेपाली सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका, मेची महाकाली प्रकृतिका कोटीकोटी, सम्पदाको आँचल वीरहरुका रगतले, स्वतन्त्र र अटल ज्ञानभूमि, शान्तिभूमि, तराई, पहाड, हिमाल अखण्ड यो प्यारो मातृभूमि नेपाल बहुल जाति, भाषा, धर्म, संस्कृति छन् विशाल अग्रगामी राष्ट्र हाम्रो, जय-जय नेपाल ।
Presidential Message 2022

take a moment to reflect on the theme of "Back to Basics." This year, we are reminded of the importance of returning to the fundamentals of what makes Jci such a powerful force for good in our communities.

At its core, Jci is about empowering young people to create positive change in the world. We do this by developing leadership skills, organ....... View More

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  • Missionvision

    To provide leadership development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.
    • That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.
    • That tha brotherhood of man transcends the soveregnty of nations.
    • That economics justice can best be won by free men through.
    • That Government should be of laws rather than of men.
    • That earth's great treasure lies n human personality.
    • And that service to humanity is the best work of life.
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